Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mount Namsan Seoul Tower, South Korea

Mount Namsan is very special to me and my wife. This is where I proposed my never ending love to her and she accepted it without thinking twice, because she is truly, deeply, madly in love with me (she never visits this blog anyway, and the only follower of this blog is me, so no problemo!)

Seoul Tower at Mount Namsan, seoul South Korea
Namsan Tower features many sites which were designed for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. This park is popular for lovers, young and old, because this is the place of the famous love lock.

Promises? Messages? Curse? I don't know haha
Love locks work like this:

1. You and your lover will buy a lock, one lock for each of you.


2. You will write a sweet messages, or a love promises to her/him on the lock.

3. Find a suitable place anywhere in the love lock area (love lock area is only limited to the places designated by the management)

4. After finding a suitable place, lock the two locks together symbolizing your being one. (Sex is not the only medium for being one haha)

5. Then throw the keys down the mountain and be sure to hit the gardener, just kidding. Throwing the keys symbolizes that your locks will never be unlocked ever again (except by blow torch or a caterpillar bulddozer, or severe rusting)

6. Then visit the site again after months or years to see if your locks are still in there hehe. (In our case, we never did find our locks again).


Aside from the cheesy love locks, you will also witness the Seoul Cultural Show which will feature fight exhibitions from traditional soldiers of the Korean Dynasties with different types of weapons and hear the Seoul Traditional Music and Dance. The cultural show starts at 3 PM every day. 

There is also a light show which will feature the Namsan Tower itself by twilight.

Here are the images of Namsan that you might see in case you are planning to try those cheesy lines by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo in the movie Scorpio Nights 3, Popoy bashing Basha.

Bus 02 from Chungmuro Station, Exit 2 
Seoul Tower
Seoul Tower
O mare.. woooaahh,... kumpare wowowoooo. kisu kinila miso....... sort of.
Relax relax din kapag may time
Seoul Tower, another angle
Bird's eye view of the city from Namsan Park
the base of the tower is home for several restaurants and souvenir shop
Namsan Seoul Tower
Soul of Seoul

Seoul Subway Chungmuro Station Exit 2, then take the Bus 02 to Mount Namsan.

Seoul Subway Myeong-dong Station Exit 4, then take the Bus 05 to Mount Namsan.

Or Exit 4 of Myeong-dong and start walking from there to the cable car station which will lead to Mount Namsan.


totomai said...

lol bakit naulit ang isamg picture?

naalala ko pano natin tinakbo to mahabol lang sunset

Dash Dacian said...

uu labas ang 10 inches mo na dila kasi pataas pa ang tinakbo natin...

betchai said...

such a dynamic city, and love the tower shots. i guess it is hard to find your locks again with too many other locks in there.

Dash Dacian said...

yes and we are not the only couple who tried to find the locks. you might see some couples searching for their locks too when you visit. maybe they believe that if they find the locks, their relationship is still strong or maybe they are just curious.


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