Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trick Eye Museum, Hongdae District, South Korea

We were tricked. An old building, with bad parking lot, old elevator, old Seoul outside, and small stores in the street, the Trick Eye Museum is a tricky bitch outside. But once you get inside, this amazing tourist attraction definitely brings out the kid in you.

My daughter says: My over reacting parents... sigh!
Located in busy young adult life environment of Hongdae (Trick Eye Museum is near the Hongik University so young adults and stores for young adults sprawls the vicinity), Trick Eye Museum attracts local tourists and foreigners because of its three dimensional trick art which were specially designed for photographs.

The museum has guides inside to help you with your camera, to be able to know the right angle, but it is up to you and your imagination and creativity if you want to fully enjoy the museum.

Here are the images I want to share during our visit, if you want to have an idea on what's gonna happen.

Smile... the costumer is always right!
Escaping criticism
I want that sushi
Pee wine
Wine and pee
Got yah
This is a very famous painting... makes me sleepy.
Spider wife
and her acrobatic sister
and her pervert husband 
Head as a main dish
She is small in real life.
Bully sistah
Midget girl
What are you looking at?
Something is wrong in this image... my horn is in my ear.
My daughter ... my angel.
She caught it for "Kilawin"
Sky angel
My Sister-in-Law ... a millionaire 
Breastfeeding in Venice
Afro girls
Easy one hander
Boating in Venice
Boating in Venice
Swettie noooo... no solids yet.
Spent my night in Korean Jail for the first time.
Beat the summer
Kung fu fountain
Sometimes it is hard to be famous, rich and handsome like me. 
No more freaking Twilight please.
Bamboo climbing 
Panda sucks at climbing haha!

Hongik University Station, Exit 9, Seoul Subway Line 2
then walk straight, cross the first stop light, and then turn left. Turn right after 2 blocks. 


totomai said...

haha. kulit. lalo na yung overacting parents lol

Dash Dacian said...

san tayo gala? may 3 years multiple netry visa ka pala dito hehe... pamasahe tayo? or papagupit ka sa mgba barber shops na double pole?

betchai said...

can't stop laughing out loud here, haha, these are so cool, i can't choose a fave, just so much fun in each pic

Dash Dacian said...

ms bet..those are the kid i me hehe


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