Friday, May 24, 2013

Acro Tower, Anyang, South Korea, Blue Hour

This building is the tallest building in Anyang, South Korea, with a height of 175 meters consisting of 37 floors. It was completed in April of 2007.

Since my wife requested to photograph this building where we live as a remembrance, I have been fascinated by its colors especially during the night.

I started to become interested in blue hour and night photography after a group of photographers from Daelim Engineering invited me to go to Garden of the Morning Calm South Korea, where when twilight becomes a sea of colorful lights.


totomai said...

cool city palette Da!
bakit remembrance? aalis ka na hehe
i think this year i was able to appreciate the blue hour too

Dash Dacian said...

di naman aalis ... habang may time pictura-an na para di magkumahog someday

Betchai said...

May 31, 2013, 10:47 AM

"wow, as in super wow, it's such a wonderful display of colors, i seldom am awed by city lights and city view, but this one really is so wonderful I would not miss a chance if I have to take picture of this, glad your wife asked you for remembrance"

Dash Dacian said...

thank you ms betchai, mejo naadik sa blue hour, ganda kasi ng kulay,


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