Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seoul Grand Park, Seoul Zoo

Seoul Grand Park is the prison home of different types and species of animals from around the world. For the enjoyment of another animal called Human, animals were kept within a secured fence, cage, and aquarium. If you want to experience the taste of wildlife (as much as wildlife wants to have a taste of you) then Seoul Grand Park Zoo Area is the place to go.

This tiger never tires of smiling at you at the entrance.
With an entrance fee of KRW 3000 for adults, you may now have the privilege to show Mother Nature that you are at the top of the food chain (and at the bottom of the world called Hell).

Stoned animals, after rehabilitation.
Small garden representing  Seoul Zoo
There are various kinds of our fellow inhabitants and here are the images of some of them.


Elephants are not a local resident of South Korea, but Seoul Grand Park uses his connection and Gadam Money to import this magnificent animal for you to enjoy.


Giraffe 1: Damn dude so fucking hot out here. How long have you been working in Korea?

Giraffe 2: Been workin ‘ere for ten damn years, I say and still no increase of my gadam food supply.

Giraffe 1: Fuck, I should have applied in Busan Zoo instead; more water, and food supply plus they have a welfare bonus every year.

Giraffe 2: Fucking capitalists.


Philpo is a type of southeastern crocodile. His scientific name is Philippine Politician. Philpo is very good and nice especially during May and hunts its food by dancing Gangnam Style. They devour its prey leaving nothing and including the clothes you wear. This type of crocodile is the most dangerous type of crocodile because it always smiles and looks adorable leaving you clueless on what are its real intentions.

Dolphin Show

Dolphins are the second animal to view sex as an enjoyment and pastime (not just a mating ritual) next to an animal we called Humans.

But this dolphin show is no Sex Show. Here you will witness how dolphins will follow every command by its handler in exchange for a piece of sardine.

Dolphin show runs every 1:30 PM, 3:00 PM, and 5:00 PM, entrance fee is included in your ticket of the zoo.


The popular pink bird is also available in Seoul Grand Park. Flamingos rest in one foot and they are actually comfortable with that. It is like riding the Seoul Subway during the rush hours.

The Unknown Goat

I forgot to list this goat’s name, because I was intimidated by the way he looks at me. It was the feeling of uneasiness like when I enter David’s Salon for a haircut. But I did try to ask his name but he only game me that look. So I said I'm sorry goat, just continue mating those females, I wont interfere.

Orangutans Baboons

These orangutans baboons were waiting for the tourists to throw food. It was #throwfoodthursday in ape world.

Scimitar-horned Oryx

That husband was drunk, and the wifey goat is nagging about it.

Prairie Dog

I was waiting for it to pray but I failed.


Hippos cause more deaths than crocodiles according to Mang Kanor. This territorial ball of pure fat can crash your bones in seconds.


There are many types of bear. This one in the picture is called San Miguel. Other types are Budweiser, Colt 45 and Bear na Bear. Bisaya man mi, kaning ibidinsya.


Peacocks are beautiful birds. This one is actually a male, he used to dance samba, in samba festival.

This is the green variation. It is also called Green2.

I was lucky to witness a courtship ritual in peacock world. But the female is not interested in this peacock. I don't know the reason but according to mr rooster he has pea sized cock.

Seoul Grand Park is an enormous park featuring many animals, picnic grounds, hiking trails, lots of nice legs especially during summer. What are you waiting for, be eaten when the siberian tiger escapes from his cage


betchai said...

your description are very funny, laughing at the peacock, did I spell that right after hallucinating laughs here? and enjoyed so much your conversation of the giraffe.

Dash Dacian said...

very glad that i made you laugh ms bet. descriptions are bit sarcastic. but it is me. so no holding back.

wish i can go hiking like you do.


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