Saturday, July 06, 2013

Everland Caribbean Bay, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

I went to Everland Caribbean Bay to peep on Korean girls in two piece bikinis, to enjoy the water and beat the South Korean Summer. Tagging my wife, sister-in-law and my daughter, we enjoyed the summer heat in one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea (and one of the places where radishes grow).

Entrance to the Caribbean Bay Water Amusement Theme Park
This water park features fun slides for everyone, kids, adults, with teeth or none. This water amusement park was designed with Caribbean theme, complete with pirate and pirate ships. The facilities are clean; in fact, you are not allowed to bring any food inside (unless you hid it in the most unsearchable part of your bag), because the food might contaminate the water, and that is reasonable right?

The Artificial Wave

Artificial wave mimicking the ocean shore
When you hear the sound of the horn of a big ship, expect to hear the excitement of locals because it signifies the arrival of a big wave on Caribbean Bay’s main pool. I do not know the science and engineering behind the artificial wave, but expect it to be fun and exciting, (a big ocean wave in a swimming pool? It is exciting right?)

Here are the images you might see and encounter if you want to visit this amazing theme park.
Lifeguards stationed in the main pool waiting tourist to come.
Another angle of the main pool
Tourist starting to arrive.
The river pool :) I invented the term. 
Want a shower?
One of the fun slides.
Indoor pool.
River pool. 
She loves the water. 
After my show "Baywatch" has disbanded, I am just an ordinary husband. 
I have a bee for a daughter :)
One of the pools.
There is this artificial waves for infants, toddlers, and adults who cannot swim :) 
They enjoyed the wild blaster
The theme park also offers, Spa and restaurants and shops for swimming paraphernalia.

Caribbean Bay guide map

About on getting there, hmmm, we are from Beomgye in Anyang, so we took the Bus No. 8839 to Everland.

The Bus Station is at the left side of Lotte Department Store in Beomgye Station Subway Line 4.

Have fun!


betchai said...

looks fun :) actually FUN :) especially when you said "adults who cannot swim" :) can't believe there were too many people out there, i guess, have never been to water theme park for quite some time now

Dash Dacian said...

that was my first time on a water theme park and very special because my family was there with me.. thanks ms bet.

totomai said...

again. bakit di mo ako dinala dito sabay sana tayo namboso? haha

looks interesting Da. next time kung may time haha

Dash Dacian said...

tara balik ka dito hehe pa masaji tayo..


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