Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trick World Museum, Myeong-dong, South Korea

Another tricky treat Seoul is offering is the Trick World Museum in Myeong-dong. This place is similar to the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae but the paintings are different. The theme is by properly positioning your camera, you can create funny and brain trickery images. The paintings will trick the observer by believing that you are part of the paintings, or the paintings are part of your real world.

Located in the busy shopping streets of Myeong-dong, this tourist attraction brings fun and comfort.

Here are the images and the direction on how to go to Trick World Museum.

She removed the smile on Monalisa's face.

Rated PG.


Riding with the waves in jeans and rubber shoes.

So that is why he is growling, a toothache. Let me help you.

Bad panda.

The other Pork Barrel Queen

Becoming a butterfly like BB Gandanghari.

Tony Stark's mechanical ass.

The Cheetah olympics, with the participation of the humans.

Deal with this montser,300.

The homeless.

Philippine senators, watch out.

Does not have a blood to fill that champagne glass.

An ice cream loving giraffe.

Feeding the fish.

The NOOB cupid.

Father, its coatsaver.


Kong's menu for the day.

The puppet monster,

Seoul Subway Line 4, Myeong-dong Station. Look for VIPS Steakhouse. The musem is in the B1 floor.


15,000 Korean Won, around $14 or Php 600.


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betchai said...

the pictures look fun, i haven't been to this kind of museum yet, got to check if we have one nearby, and spend some fun time like your family did


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