Sunday, November 04, 2012

Great Wall of Hwaseong, Suwon, South Korea

One lazy morning, a friend's message came.

"Since we are going near Anyang City, why don't you come with us, we'll visit Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon".

Nanay with superhuman speed, took her towel and the toilet door said "Blag!".

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Hwaseong Fortress (C'mon Mr. Google help me here) is a restored impressive structure from the Joseon  Dynasty and if you say Joseon Dynasty, it means very, very, old Hehe. After reading files from the net, I found out that this fortress was made because the Korean King of that time wants to make Suwon the capital of Korea (which at that time the capital is Seoul and still). Building a city with defensive capabilities will allow growth because Suwon's location is strategically connected to China. Wow! Talk about Urban Planning.


Contrasting Old and New.

The Yeonmudae inside the Fortress also offers shooting with a bow and arrow for a price of 2,000 Korean Won for 10 shots.

If you want to burn belly fats, try walking along it's walls.

Recommended for
1. People who don't care to do a long distance walk, I mean real long walk, Hwaseong Fortress walls are 5.74 km in length covering 1.3 km2 of land.
2. People who want to talk about everything while walking.
3. Photography groups doing a photowalk.
4. Joggers.
5. People who loves history and culture.
6. People who wants to try shooting with a bow and arrow.

What to bring
1. Footwear suitable for long distance walking.
2. Drinking water (Although there is a convenience store inside)
3. Camera
4. Smile, stories, and jokes.

Suwon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1)
then thake the bus 2, 7, 7-2, 8 or 14

or just call a taxi hehe

Note to my daughter
Hey sweetie " nasa loob ka pa ni mommy gala ka na ng gala ah". 

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