Saturday, April 13, 2013

Korean Crisis

South Korean Bomb Shelters aka Subways

The photo shows one of the subway stations, which also serves as a shelter for any North Korean attack here in South Korea.

Since the tension started here in Korean Peninsula, I always observe the local's expressions to give me signs or warnings that I, a foreigner should leave this place as soon as possible. But it seems that the locals are used to this kind of situation. I cannot find any fears, worries or anxieties on their faces. Maybe this tension is a part of every South Korean citizen since they are still at war with the North. Everything seems normal and ordinary.

But signs like in the the photo above (the 3 triangles and a tunnel in a red background) started to appear. It is a shelter in case the North decided to end His regime.

Amidst the tension, never let your camera down. Observe, take aim, compose, because in the greatest drama, all of us are actors, and the street is the stage.

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