Sunday, March 03, 2013

Scouting the "Garden Of The Morning Calm" (아침고요수목원), Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

A garden by day, a sea of lights by night, with no tripod and having just a 50 mm lens, in February winter, I went.

A friend invited me to join a group of photographers to go to The Garden of the Morning Calm in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Since my wife, daughter and mother-in-law are planning to explore Korea by spring and summer, better go with them and scout this place and learn the commuting process.

Here are the images I took during the day (because a photographer with no tripod in this place during the night is a dead one - prove me wrong please).

    Archway leading to the main attractions.

    Tourists admiring the "browns".

    There is a toilet inside the garden, do not bother to look for tall grasses.

    This place is absolutely calming... and brown.

    Can't wait to see this place by spring or summer.

    A Bonzai.

    A spiritual place. I do not know if it is replica of a catholic church and did not bother to ask.

    There is coffee shop inside named Good Morning Coffee. The price is a more expensive than "tweet tweet" though.

    Tourists, local and "imported", are enjoying the coffee and the sun.

                            There are restaurant and convenience store inside so if you want to 
                             explore this garden with no hand carries, just a camera and money,
                            "dont bring your own baon" (packed lunch).

    or better eat first outside the garden. There are street food vendors outside.

    There is also some kind of a plant nursing house inside the garden. 

    I promise to research the name of this flower, but for now I will call it "Pink Flower".

    and this one I will call it "White Flower".

                            The label was blurred. Use eyeglasses please.

If you want to see this place during the night, please click this link.

Recommended for:
1. Nature loving peeps
2. Couples looking for a dating place

What to bring
1. Camera and Tripod for long exposure shots
2. Smiles

1. Take the subway line from Yongsan Station to Cheongpyeong station (7,000 3400 KRW)
2. Then, walk to the bus station a 3 min walk from the station and take the tour bus going to the the Garden (5,000 KRW)
3. Alternative is ride a cab from Cheongpyeong (16,000 KRW, if you are a group of four it is advisable to take the cab, its comfortable and cheaper.
4. Entrance fee is 7,000 KRW but there are discounts of you are traveling in a group.

Note to my daughter:
Hi baby, you are still a 4 month angel during this time. The cold was a bit harsh for you so daddy scouted it first.


totomai said...

bawal pala single? haha.
nice one Da. keep on shooting and blogging.
ah, spring na pala. 50 mm is love

Dash Dacian said...

Recommended lang un heheh... Spring gala na


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