Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stolen Childhood

An internet friend said that she likes this photo because it looks like an stolen childhood. For a dude like me with limited writing and grammar abilities, I understand "stolen childhood" as an adult who din not enjoy the days when he or she was a child due to various and sometimes tragic reasons.

Tokaido Line Glance

Nowadays, with the absences or unfrequency of Batibot and Sineskwela, patintero, luksong tinik, tumbang preso, langit lupa impyerno and the presence of showbiz talk shows, artista search, reality shows, child labor, too much politics, greedy elites, lazy "Masa", irresponsible parents, unsafe streets, degrading environment, Facebook, Dota, Soap Operas, K-Pop, Hollywood, and too much advertisers of what to do, how to run your life by buying their products, I think many childhoods were being stolen. Haha. Just an opinion.

I really wish television brings back BATIBOT. Pong Pagong is way cooler than Ben 10 (ok Ben 10 is cooler, that is because he has this watch to transform him into cool aliens). Pong Pagong still belongs to the large percentage of unemployed, he was not accepted as the 5th member of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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